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Cobra Verde Paleo Lemon Ginger (12-Pack)

  • New Look Can!  We are gonna be calling it Cobra Verde Paleo soon.
  • PALEO VERDE: Before the dawn of time, wine was just grapes left on the vine. And coffee was raw and green, not a roasted thing. Paleo Verde is stronger, cleaner, and tastier than the roasted stuff.
  • GREEN CAFFEINE: Each 11.5oz can contains 180mg of clean caffeine. This all-natural refreshing beverage is made from green coffee beans to create energy in it's natural form.
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Water, Green Coffee Extract, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Ginger Extract. With just four ingredients, this simple drink packs a punch.
  • HEALTHIER DRINKING: Unroasted coffee beans have been used for a millenia. It metabolizes easier in your body and helps ease stomach issues you experience with roasted coffee beans. This clean blend absorbs into your body with ease.
  • VERDE MESSAGE: Fresh and focused - avoid the jitters and the chance at overcaffeinating. The Most Ancient Secret of Coffee.