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Jordan Bohannon NFT + 24 Collectible Cans

Cobra Verde is proud to make available the "Jordan Bohannon: Record Breaker" collection of NFTs on the Polygon Network.  Twenty unique images make up this collection.  They all come from our beginning of the season photo shoot with photographers Tyler Russo & Jonathan Lovan.


Each purchase is for one NFT from the collection and two 12 packs of the Jordan Bohannon x Cobra Verde collectible can.  There are 20 NFTs in the collection.


Everyone who buys an NFT will be entered in a raffle to win Jordan's shoes from Senior Night.  The shoes will be autographed and shipped directly to you.


The collection is viewable on Open Sea, but the purchase is made through the Cobra Verde website.  When you place your order, you will receive an email in which you will respond with your Ethereum address.  We will then transfer the NFT directly to you.  Any future sales of the NFT will have a 5% royalty that will go directly to Jordan. 



POLYGON NETWORK NFTS ARE LOW GAS AND ECO FRIENDLY. Proof of Stake is the future of Blockchain and we are using it now!

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