Look super relaxed and ready for summer in this new Cobra Verde T Shirt.  Design drawing by the great Matthew Thurber.  These shirts will be printed by White Rabbit in Iowa City and shipped Mid April.


Each shirt also comes with three of our new Paleo Verde's.  It is an amazing recipe with more ginger, more lemon and 180 mg of caffeine.


Purchasing this shirt will also get you one of the new Cobra Coin NFTs.  The blockchain is going bonkers with NFTs now and Cobra Coin is here for your Cobra Verde digital collectible needs.  Just download the UPTICK app and email me your wallet address and I will transfer one of our Cobra Coin Collectible NFTs!  One important thing to remember about Cobra Coin is that it is on the IRIS network.  IRIS is a proof of stake chain rather than proof of work (Bitcoin & Ethereum).  Becuase of this the energy use is 99% lower than the other proof of work networks.  Experience the thrill of NFT ownership without the guilt of destroying the planet.

New T Shirt + 3 x New Paleo + Cobra Coin NFT

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