Cobra Verde as a brand and modern product was revealed to Jarrett Mitchell in Iowa City in 2012.  The humble coffee counter was a fitting setting for the discovery of one of the most ancient and guarded secrets in the entire canon of coffee.  Coffee Roasters obsess over technological advances that monitor the smallest shift in weight or temperature.  Cobra Verde rejects the notion that coffee needs to be roasted.  Furthermore, Cobra Verde rejects the idea that the advancement of coffee is concurrent with the advancement of technology.  Cobra Verde is the manifestation of the wisdom of the ancients.  It is the genesis and god-head of brewed coffee.  Cobra Verde was there on the wind swept plateau of Giza for the building of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.  Cobra Verde was there when Krishna lifted high Mount Govardhana and Cobra Verde was there when Moses parted wide the Red Sea.   Cobra Verde can be there for you:  Erasing fatigue, removing the illusory stories about ourselves from our minds and smashing the literal stones in our path.  Chant Hare Krishna, Drink Cobra Verde and Be Happy!